Dating Safety Guide

Connecting with new people is always exciting, but only when you make your safety the priority.

We matched with WESNET to create our Dating Safety Guide - a first of its kind in Australia. Using this guide will allow you to make the most of your dating experience and stay safe both online and offline.

Here's a sneak peek into the guide.

House Rules

When people first sign-up for the app, they agree to these House Rules before they start exploring.

Community Guidelines

What you can't do on Tinder.

Safety Features

From Liking to messaging and video chatting, these are the top Safety Features on Tinder.

Online Safety

Tips to navigate online dating in a safe and secure way.

Meeting in Person

Do's and Don'ts of taking your connections IRL.

Green Flags

Focusing on green flags can ensure you're always in control and help confirm that you've found a keeper.

Sexual Health & Consent

Every person you meet will have their own boundaries and expectations. Communication is key.

Unmatching & Reporting

Not everyone has good intentions. We want you to let us know about any suspicious behaviour you come across.